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Article 1:Distribution cooperation

QT Hydraulics hopes to achieve long-term strategic cooperation with the distribution partners and develop synergistically with them. With broad mind, sincere spirit of cooperation and inclusive attitude, QT is expected to cooperate with its agents to complement each other and become a long-term distribution partner.

Distribution partners refer to companies and related institutions that can independently sell QT hydraulic products and provide related service in a certain region or industry. Through cooperation with distribution partners, QT and distribution partner can share the market with each other, improve the competitiveness of partners' products and brands,and realize the scale sales of QT products.

Article 2:Cooperation mode

Signed QT Product Sales Agency Agreement with QT and sell the products of QT, you can enjoy the preferential sales policy provided by QT for the distribution partners, and get the full support of QT in product, technology, pre-sale, implementation, service, market and other aspects.

Article 3:Conditions for distribution partners

I. Conditions for distribution partners

1. Committed to the expansion of the local hydraulic and electronic market, expanding the market share of the QT brand in the local market, and getting benefits from it.

2. Establish a good brand image of QT in the local area and expand the popularity of QT brand.

3. Special sales implementation and service personnel engaged in the sales and related work of QT products and solutions.It is required to pass the QT's dealer capability certification audit, and obtain QT authorized sales implementation and service qualification.

II. QT provides support and services for distribution partners

1. Get QT authorized dealer certification,the sales license of the QT products and support of QT's brand and reputation.

2. Get the QT product training, strong construction of sales and pre-sales consultancy team, special personnel's following up of cooperation process.

3. Get tools and materials for the sales of QT products, such as QT promotional materials and sales PPT.

4. Invited to participate in QT user conferences, distribution partner conferences and series of marketing activities, and independent marketing activities of partners supported by QT(such as information support, program support, gift support, etc.).

5. Get more product information and support.

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Cooperation and Alliance/Investment

The corporate culture of QT has always been user thinking, value creation,self-reflection and hard work. We attach great importance to the quality of customer service. The purpose of developing distribution cooperation alliance system is to provide more perfect and professional services for our customers.Every aspect of alliance cooperation is very important to customers. QT has the responsibility and obligation to safeguard the interests of customers. Good joining mechanisms and common business ethics will be the basic guarantee for the healthy development of the partner ecosystem. Therefore, QT will strictly certify the qualifications of the alliance distribution partners, set up a sound evaluation system and tracking mechanism to ensure the professional level and commercial credit of the alliance system. QT will build a good alliance ecology for regional independent distributors, regional maintenance points and investors, and seek long-term cooperation. Work together to develop and create brilliance!