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After Sales Service

The services of the QT Group ensure the maximum use efficiency of your equipment

Purpose and commitment of after-sales service

In order to meet customer service needs and improve customer satisfaction and trust, QT always insists on taking"Exceeding customer expectations and making customers 100% satisfied"as service purpose. QT promises to our customers that we will always maintain the principle of service first; We will reply within 30 minutes after receiving customer's service request, demand and complaint call, provide solutions with in 2 hours, and continue to follow up until the fault is resolved; For the problems that can not be solved on telephone, we will reach the site that inside the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai within 12 hours, and solve the problem within 24 hours, reach the site that outside the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai province within 24 hours, and solve the problem within 48 hours; The returned parts will be repaired within 7 working days after returning to the factory.

Rapid repair

We have a professional after-sales service team, all members have more than 3 years of service and rich on-site service experience. Our after-sales service adopts 1-12-24-36-48 time-sharing service mode. After the fault is resolved, we will ask the customer to verify whether the fault is completely eliminated. After the customer confirms, the after-sales engineer will fill in the Customer Service Report for the customer to rank the satisfaction score and sign to confirm. Our company promises that the maintenance staff will clean up the service site before leaving the site. Our after-sales service staff will make a telephone return visit to the service users within 3 working days after the service is completed to confirm whether the customer is satisfied with the after-sales service for improving the quality of our after-sales service.

Network coverage

In order to improve service efficiency and speed, QT is building distribution and service outlets in all provinces and cities across of China in order to provide you with better services.

We can provide you with satisfactory service on all facets such as installation and debugging, control of normal functions,control of customized products, on-site guidance of operators, etc.