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Convening of QT Corporate Strategy Meeting 2018

Release Date:2018-11-05

On Nov. 2 to 3 of 2018, the QT Strategy Meeting was held in CYTS Hotel.The content of this conference mainly includes analysis of market demand and data, brainstorming of leaders, company development plan for the next year,and problem analysis and resolution at the end. After two days of discussion and analysis, we finally formulated a clear and scientific  strategic plan and annual business plan for QT 2019.

As the innovative pursuer in hydraulic field, our vision is to become a famous enterprise in hydraulic field. Every QT's comrade regards "Continuous Excellence,Always Reliable" as his mission, and strictly demands himself to be better than others. Only when he is excellent, would he earn the trust from others.
In 2019, all employees of QT will focus on this business plan to improve and reduce their own weaknesses and enhance their professional execution. Develop and maintain the company's products, be the strong backup and technology supports for the business and service. And constantly strive to improve toward the goal.Work together to create a better future for QT.